Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beyond The Kitchen: The Best of Friends Endure The Test of Time

Mom used tell me not to consider "everyone my friend" because over my entire life I could probably count my TRUE friends on one hand IF I was lucky and most are acquaintances at that.  Ok, so back then that used to bug me, in fact it down right annoyed me.  I was young, what can I say?  What did she know anyway?

So, I will be the "grown up" here and admit my Mom was right.  UGH we all hate to say our parents were right don't we?  As I became a parent I realized when the teen years approached I couldn't WAIT to hear I was right come out of my kids mouths somewhere down the line.

Over the years I've had friends come and go from my life and I know each and every one of them had a purpose and brought something to my life good, bad or indifferent.  The reason I am writing this diddy is because a long time friend of mine floored me with one of the sweetest gifts ever.

Laura and I met around 1984 at an Herbal Life meeting and we were sitting next to each other bored to tears, when we started talking and the next thing we knew, her and I left that meeting and were instant best friends.  Over the years and time after our son's were born Laura and I sadly lost touch.  There wasn't a fight or break-up, nothing bad happened between us, it was just life that drifted us apart.  I will have to honestly say there was never much of a time span that I didn't think of her over the years and missed her terribly.  

A few years ago thanks to social networking Laura and I were reunited and I was the happiest girl in world.  She is in Washington and I am in Arizona and while we chat via phone, email or facebook we're still working on seeing each other in person again.  You know how that goes, time, money etc.

Laura has her own home jewelry business called Ever Chic Jewelry and out of the blue she sent me the most precious gift ever.  She still has pictures of my son when he was little (she even sent me some I didn't even have!) and she turned one of his baby pics into a charm necklace for me.  Just "because" and frankly I cried.  I realized how truly blessed I am to have her back in my life again.

Here's what she made, that I got in the mail today, sorry the pics aren't so great I took them with my phone.

I adore everything about it and really love the "Love beyond the moon & stars) Awwwww isn't that just the sweetest thing EVER?!  You know what's an even better gift than this?  Having her and her friendship in my life again.

It surely is true the best of friends endure the test of time.  I love you Laura!

Until next time and see you real soon!

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