Friday, September 30, 2011

Where's The JUICE?!

It is a beautiful morning in Tucson today when I got up so I decided to have my eye opening cup of coffee outside on the bench.  There was a breeze blowing but something was missing.  Where in the world were my hummingbirds?  I didn't hear them chirping and I looked up to my feeder and OOPS it was empty!  Not good at all, I felt horrible.  Then I saw one hummer in the tree resting as if to say "yum, ya where's the juice?"

Mr. V and I never seemed to have much luck with the store bought red nectar so 10 years ago we started making our own hummer juice and they come in droves for it so we have not deviated from our recipe.  It's quite simple.  Below is a pic of our feeder so you can see the size of it.

Hummer Juice
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 cup of granulated white sugar
  • sauce pot
In sauce pot  on high heat bring water to a rolling boil one that can't be stirred down.  Turn off heat and dump the sugar in and stir constantly until the water is clear.  Let sit until lukewarm to cool and fill'er up!

The little beauties know when it's filled, or at least around here they do.  They start zooming around within minutes.  Ok the juice I made should be cool enough to fill my feeder back up so I need to hop to it so they can eat and I can enjoy another cup of coffee outside watching them.

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