Monday, October 10, 2011

Beyond The Kitchen: My Little Girl Turns 1 Today MeOW

                                        Sassy 3 weeks old                  Sassy 1 year in our yard/tree

Without anymore two legged kids in the house you still can't say our home is devoid of four legged children.  Mr. V and I  have 3 kitties and one old gal of a dog.  Today however is all about my baby girl Sassy aka "Lil Bit" and "Sassa-Frass". Everyone on my facebook for the past year knows all about raising Sassy and most have enjoyed following her wee little life (they really don't have a choice lol). 

Sassy was born on October 10, 2010 and not into very good conditions.  One day my girlfriend Jen was telling me about this poor wee kitten who at this time was not quite 3 weeks old with no mommy kitty and the rest of the litter died.   Jen's co-workers got a hold of the baby kitten and they were bringing her to work, bottle feeding her and trying to keep her alive...long story short they couldn't keep it up and Jen says "Do you know anyone who would take her?"  Ummmm hellllloooooo???  So, I took her no questions asked.

Mr. V and I had no trouble naming this tiny 'Lil Bit" of a kitten for even at 3 weeks old she was exactly as her name describes SASSY.  We were reminded as parents once again, all about getting up every two hours to feed "the baby" her bottle and what a wee piggy she was come time to eat hhahahahaah.

 Raising a kitten from pretty close to birth, bottle feeding them, keeping them close to your body (she used to sleep in Mr. V's shirt pockets) and literally taking them everywhere with you she turned out to be more spoiled than any of my other babies and I've had them all since birth but they had kitty mommies.  Let me tell you right NOW she does have us wrapped around her paws like no other and she pretty much always gets her way....alright, alright not pretty much, she just does and if you know cats, you know exactly what I am talking about.

So, anyway, I just wanted to share this very special day with you because my fur babies mean just as much to me as my human babies.  Psssst and don't ever let Mr. V tell you otherwise, shhhhhh he can't hear me.......but he "wuvs his baby gurl" (that's how he talks to her) lol....cute.  It's been a joy raising Sassy and we look forward to many MANY more years with her in our life.  MUAH.

Happy Birthday Sassy!

Love Mama and Papa V.

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