Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Condiments: The Making of Sweet Success: Relish The Thought

What a sweet day this has been!  Today's canning venture was homemade sweet pickle relish and what a sweet success it was ;-)  I even put Mr. V to work with me today at the kitchen table.  Shhh he doesn't know I snapped this picture (grins)

Relish is a cooked, pickled or chopped vegetable or fruit and is normally used as a condiment for foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, used in potato or macaroni salads and oh so much more.  Did you know in the UK and other parts of Europe relish is referred to as a pickle chutney instead of relish?  Pretty interesting tid bit of info I thought ;-)

I can tell you this for a fact, once you make your own sweet pickle relish it's like any other homemade canning experience, you'll never want store bought again!  I am sure you will find many different types of sweet pickle relish recipes out there and it's like anything else in finding the one just perfect for you.  

If you know someone who loves sweet relish give them some homemade sweetness in a jar as a gift and they'll be beggin' you for more!

Well, Mr. V and I have a blast in the kitchen today and thanks for joining us.  Until next time...see you 'round the table.'s my recipe

I Like Hugs 'n' Kisses But What I Really
Is Help With The DISHES!

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