Monday, September 19, 2011

Beyond The Kitchen: How To Keep Your Lil Ghosts 'n' Goblins Safe On Halloween

I don't know about your house but at ours Halloween is one of our most favorite of holidays.  It's just down right fun!  Not only do the kids dress up but even us adults do.  Time for letting the imagination run free, dancin' to the Monster Mash and creepy, ghoulish, squeeky, chains a rattlin' sounds and MUAHAHAHAH'S all 'round.

However, times have changed where homemade popcorn balls and caramel apples are not treats to be given out anymore because there are nasty, bad people out there who take all the fun out of it all.  There are some things that us as adults need to do to make sure our children have a safe AND happy halloween.  Here are some safety tips to keepin' your lil' ghost 'n' goblins safe this Halloween and make sure no mishaps are a'happenin ;-)

Let's start with costume safety first:

  • Make sure your child's costume is made of flame retardant materials or use a flame retardant spray  on their costume
  • Check to see if the costume is colorfast so if it rains the colors don't run into your childs clothes underneath
  • Have the child try on their costume for proper fitting to avoid any tripping if to big/long and have time for alterations such as hemming is needed
  • It's dark out and a lot of costumes are of dark color.  Apply some reflective tape
    to your childs costume to make them more visible in the dark
  • Kids love masks but can be cumbersome, opt for using makeup instead.  One year my son wanted to be spiderman and instead of the mask I did his face all up and it came out just too cool!  Turned out to be his fav costume of all growing up
  • Use only hypoallergenic and non-toxic halloween makeup
  • Have the kids wear comfy shoes.  The costume more than likely will "cover them up"
  • Double tie their shoe laces to avoid them from coming undone and prevent a trip up
  • Keep costume/wigs away from flames ... candles etc
  • Many fake swords, guns etc look very realistic you may want to detour from such accessories and if used that they are flexible and cannot harm anyone
Now, on to some trick or treating tips:
  • Whether you are going door to door, to the mall etc...plan your route out ahead of time to prevent any confusion
  • Only go up to houses that are well lit and/or decorated.  If the house is dark and porch light is off more than likely this house is not welcoming visitors
  • Trick or Treat in areas/neighborhoods you are familiar with
  • Always carry a flashlight with fresh batteries
  • Always have an escort with your kids and make sure you keep them in sight at all times
  • Take along some money for a "just in case" incident
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged
  • Always carry ID with you and invest in a kids id kit in case of separation 
  • Trick or Treat in groups always accompanied by an adult
  • Follow a curfew and take a watch with a backlight
  • Stay on sidewalks and out of the streets.  Take the time to use cross walks!
  • Walk no running
  • Be courteous and don't walk through flower beds, gardens etc. and use walkways.
Here's to a safe and happy halloweeny to you all and see you 'round the table next time!

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