Friday, September 16, 2011

Baking Essentials: Anyone Can Bake!

Whenever I hear someone say they can't bake or hate baking most of the time what I am hearing is "I have no clue where to start or how".  I love to point people in the direction of a wonderful starter bake book called Anyone Can Bake by Better Homes and Gardens.  Go figure, me sending you to something by Better Homes and Gardens.  They are my most favorite magazine EVER!  Anyway.....

I myself have this book in my library and I LOVE it!  I truly believe anyone CAN bake.  This book is great for beginners on up to advanced.  Ever walked into a friend or family members home with the wafting of sweetness and spices in the air creating that oh so homey, warm fuzzy feeling just tingling your senses and wishing you could bake like that?  Ahhh honey, come on, you can!  Stick with me and I'll gently nudge you along.  I've so had my share of disasters hahahaha weeeeee .... many!  That's the whole fun of it all.

Until next time, see you 'round the table,

I Like Hugs 'n' Kisses But What I Really
Is Help With The DISHES!

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